About me

This is my story

  1. My beginnings as a speaker

    In 1998 after a long time travelling around, especially around Asia, a friend asked me to add my voice to his travelogues. His proposal came at the right moment and it opened the door for a career that felt familiar as well as unknown. It let me develop a new side of myself that I didn't know I had until then.

  2. Trajectory

    My first projects were as a narrator for travelogues for the Vacaciones channel on Vtv-online. After that I accessed the voicebank of Televisión Española (TVE) from 2000-2008. I collaborated as a voice actress in the dubbing of current-affairs programs such as Norte-Sur, Metrópolis, La Mandrágora, La noche temática or Documentos TV. At the same time, I worked as an actress in children's theatre with the Trocobio group at the Eugenia de Montijo school (2000-01). Later I was hired for the program Música y Patrocinios (2002-2006) by Tele 5 and I joined the radio station Cope as an advertisement broadcaster (2005-08). As a result of changing my residence, I distanced myself from my career until I discovered that I could offer my services only as an ONLINE VOICE ACTRESS, I was retrained in the school Gravy for the Brain and I prepared for this new chapter of my career (2016-2018). Now I offer my services online in different voicebanks all around the world with which I collaborate from my home studio in real time.

  3. Work

    Since I started my career as a voice actress, these have been some of my collaborations:

    <<Collaboration in the documentary series "Mundos perdidos- Líneas Nazca (Nazca lines)" Transglobe films 2001; Children's story of Heidi, narrator and Heidi's voice - ADM 2001; Voice actress for documentaries- TVE, Tele 5, Abaira, Tecnison; Narrator in Daniel Rebner's TV series "Escápate"- Suevia Films- 2005, 12 ep; Voice-over for religious expositions "Camino de Santiago" - Mito Producciones (2006-2008), Literature courses for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of Compulsory Secondary Education - Soho music- Oxford (2008); Narrator for the documentary "Utopía" by Lucho Iglesias, Caña Dulce- Permacultura (2009) broadcast in cinemas and it won several awards; Narrator in Red Cross' videos by Daniel Rebner; Internal video for Serena Producciones by Sintonía Gaia's voice for Mago de Oz- Soho music; Intercom announcer for El Corte Inglés (2005-2008); Commercials for Cadena Cope (2003-2008), national commercials and spots;

    Videogames: characters in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Connan", "Spiderman", "Wal Disney Bee Movie", "Hitman", "The movies", "Thrilville", "The Witcher", "Cod 4", "End War"...>>

Quality, versatility and efficiency, combined with a pleasant and easy treatment. Ask for your quote and get in touch with me from here!

Working with my voice gives me a sense of gratification. Each new project is a challenge that puts me in the client's shoes and makes me do my best to achieve a good outcome.

Narrator / Voice-over

Documentaries, animations for websites, e-learning courses, corporate videos, voice-over for airlines, multimedia apps, voicemails and all sorts of projects that included an informative voice

Dubbing and interpreting

Poetry, dramatized reading, fairytales, audiobooks, cartoons’ characters, videogames…


Advertising features, commercials on the radio, TV spots. Pilar is a professional voice actress that will give a touch of elegance to your business. Don’t doubt she will give the right tone to your project. Listen to her demos!

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