About me

  1. How did I start

    I grew up with a fairly good understanding as the VO industry thanks to my father who was journalist and worked on the Radio ( RNE ). However, although I never thought to follow his way, but in 1998 a friend that heard my voice offered me the chance to voice his travel’s documentaries. That was sounding really nice and I accepted. After that, I've discovered my own path and started training with the best professionals at the moment where I learnt techniques about how to act a role on the spot, narrate documentaries, advertisement and poetry


    1973-1978 5 years of music theory and choir classes. 3 years of piano training.
    1999-00 Voice acting school by Carlos Infante.
    2000-02  D.L Multimedia dubbing  School by Javier Gamir
    2001-03 Rafael Alberti Dubbing acting school by Salvador Arias.
    2018-19/ 21-22/ 23 Gravy for the Brain Online Voiceover school 

  2. Jobs from 1998 to 2008

    2001 AudiobooksHeidi  
    2000-08 Dubbing documentary actress and Advertisments:
    Spanish TVE, Tele 5, Abaira, Tecnison, Arait , Sintonia I y II, Soho Music, In Out, Soundgarden, PubliEspaña, 
    Documentarie's Narrator "Utopía" by Lucho Iglesias: "Escápate"- Travel's series by Suevia Films:"Red Cross' videos by Daniel Rebner. Waldorf Schools by Alex Ruiz
    Expositions "Camino de Santiago"
    E-learnings: Literature to children of Compulsory Secondary Education ( 12-16 years ) by Oxford 
    Commercials : 
    Cadena Cope Madrid
    Radio Intereconomia 
    Corte Inglés 
    Videogames characters :"Star Wars: The Clone Wars", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Connan", "Spiderman", "Wal Disney Bee Movie", "Hitman", "The movies", "Thrilville", "The Witcher", "Cod 4", "End War"

  3. Jobs delivered from my home studio 2018 to ongoing

    Audioguides: Torremolinos
    Corporate videos: Sabadell Digital, BarcelóRegen, EFPA, Goldwell, Carob, European Commission, Airbus, Ametiniz

    IVR ; Acorde, Anyvan, Biomundo, 

    Progrentis 36 audiobooks for children to 3-5 years old;  L'Oreal ( Scam Security, Blackline, Sopra Steria), Preventing Human Trafficking for Hotels, 

    Medical app's; Fotoderma by Janssen,  Diabetes TSlim X2 , Mount Sinai Hospital,  CT Express EVO, Breas Ventilator by Everywear, CSL Behring ( medicament's instructions), Siemens (machine's instructions, HSE Siemens Gamesa, ),
    Spots internet: Ibsa vit-D, Asociación Española de Banca ( Character Manuela ) 
    Videogames: Plants_Rosa character by Alconost; 

To me to get involved with the project at a deep level as I believe is the reason behind a successful master piece. Request your quote here!

I’ll be happy to perform your words and always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that quality, on time work is delivered.

Narrator / Voice-over

Documentaries, animations for websites, e-learning courses, corporate videos, voice-over for airlines, multimedia apps, voicemails and all sorts of projects that included an informative voice

Dubbing and interpreting

Poetry, dramatized reading, fairytales, audiobooks, cartoons’ characters, videogames…


Advertising features, commercials on the radio, TV spots. Pilar is a professional voice actress that will give a touch of elegance to your business. Don’t doubt she will give the right tone to your project. Listen to her demos!

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