Production process

This is how we work

Your project deserves to be treated with professionality.
From the moment you decide you want my voice for your project, you will have me at your disposal via telephone / e-mail / Skype in order to fix any small detail your project requires. From my soundproof booth I will record your text and, if you need it, we can contact via Source Connect, Bodalgo Call or Skype so you can tell me the exact tone your recording requires in real time. I will commit completely to set you towards the goal you pursue, don’t doubt it!

The production project

  1. 1
    Project planning

    The more information you can give me, the better in order to adjust your quote as it can differ depending on the media it'll be broadcast on, if it must be in synch with the image or not, the wordcount... Tell me about your project and I will send you a customized quote. Contact me at where I will gladly answer you.

  2. 2

    Once the quote is accepted and we have reviewed the script together, I will record the text. Then I will clean the recording of clicks and breathings. It is important that you check the text thoroughly before I start to record, because if you want to modify the script after the recording has been done, the quote might change. Keep that in mind!

  3. 3

    After I have checked the recording, I will send it to you in any format you need (wav, aiff, mp3 // 48Khz, 44.1khz // 24.16- 8. bits...) via Dropbox, WeTransfer or any other means that you specify. The recording will be ready to be mixed with the image or the music. If you detect any mistake in the diction, style or bad sound in any of the recorded sentences, please, do not hesitate to tell me and I will record them again without any additional expense. To your comfort, there is a reclaim term of 10 days.

Ask for your project to be examined. If you have any doubt, I will gladly help you!

Features of my Home Studio:


Studiobricks booth.
The best quality for a recording free of noise
Mac mini computer
Mac technology, silent and efficient
Interface Steinberg UR22 MKII
Software Cubase Elements 9.5
Monitor 1 Asus hdmi 24”
Monitor 2
Benq GW2270 hdmi 21”
Earphones AKG K-271 MK11


Quality, versatility and efficiency, combined with a pleasant and easy treatment

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