Production process

How I work

I believe your project must be treated professionally.

When you hire me, as a VoiceOver, I know that you are putting your confidence in my voice in order to realize the project, so I like to apply my focus to be able to produce a satisfactory job.

When a new project comes my way, I take the time to reflect upon the content and outcome. To me to get involved with the project at a deep level as I believe this is the reason behind a successful master piece.

So, whether it is a tutorial for your employees or a large-scale project, I will always deliver your script with a natural and fresh sound, because this is the art of communication: Applying the right intonation, emphasis, right pace and prosody to finally achieve your goals. 


The production project

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    Project planning
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Let us work out a good communication project together!

Features of my Home Studio:


Studiobricks booth.
The best quality for a recording free of noise
Mac mini computer
Mac technology, silent and efficient
Interface Steinberg UR22 MKII
Software Cubase Elements 9.5
Monitor 1 Asus hdmi 24”
Monitor 2
Benq GW2270 hdmi 21”
Earphones AKG K-271 MK11


Quality, versatility and efficiency, combined with a pleasant and easy treatment

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    +12 (0) 345 678 9