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    Criteria and Rates

    The price of a recording is set according to different criteria: wordcount, where it is going to be broadcast (Internet, TV, radio, private...), the synchronization with the image, the number of viewers it is going to have... Every project must be examined and assessed on-site, because the more information that you can give me, the better I can adjust the quote. Don't hesitate and ask for your quote!
    I will be glad to help you.

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    How to pay?

    The jobs are paid usually 50% of the estimated cost when they are ordered and the remaining 50% in the final delivery, after the client has checked and approved the recording. Once you have decided you hire me, it will be as easy as clicking on PayPal's button. However, depending on the project (length, volume, etc.) we can reach an agreement regarding the payment. Don't hesitate to ask me anything!

Cooperating with my voice in alternative // humanitarian projects that help to improve the planet we live on as well the lives of its inhabitants gives meaning to my work. If your project fits in with me, don't doubt that I will give my best to help you!

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