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    Criteria and Rates

    There are different parameters to prepare a custom quotation :
    1-Time spent working ( Basic Studio Fee )

    2-Type of project ( TV spot, Radio adv, corporate video, internal e-learnings, trainings...)
    Where the recording is going to be used. ( Broadcasting, sales, TV, Radio, Internet RRSS, Streaming etc )
    3-How the recording is delivered: Raw file, voice synchronized (+ 25%) , lib sync (+ 50%), Characters (+25%) , splitting files etc, post production charges & Sundries
    4- Time of exposure
    Commercials needs a License of voice. The usage fees are based on:
    a) The number/size of territories ( or global)
    b)The estimated number of people who will see/hear the product .The number of platforms/ interactions /units (e.g. gaming/toys etc ).
    c) The duration of the product’s exposure.

    The more information you give me, the better I will adjusted your quote.

    Let me know about your proyect and I will try to send you a customized quotation. 

    You can contact me at info@pilarolona.com where I will gladly to answer all your questions 

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    How can I pay?

    Payment methods:Bank account, Paypal/ Wise for foreigns payments 

    The way I usually work is being paid the 50% at the beginning and the other 50%  on completion.

    However, depending on the project (length, volume, etc.) we can reach an agreement related the payments. 


Cooperating with my voice in alternative // humanitarian projects that help to improve the planet we live on as well the lives of its inhabitants gives meaning to my work. If your project fits in with me, don't doubt that I will give my best to help you!

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