Depending on the project, Pilar can be institutional and corporative, dynamic and casual, as well as being able to convey naturality without losing her message's essence. Her professionality will give a touch of elegance that will not let your project go unnoticed.

Narrator / Voice-over

Ideal for a documentary’s narration, educational voice, e-learning courses, medical applications, audio guides, expositions, airline’s recordings. With great experience and commitment


The audiobook’s industry is booming. Short stories and tales, pedagogical education, self-help books, religion and philosophy, myths, folktales and sagas, romance, adventure and science fiction novels…

E-learnings Courses

It has been proved that learning with audio is much more effective that reading. A clear and friendly voice helps greatly with the boring study. Feel free to ask for a quote.


Pilar is a versatile voice actress. Listen to her demos and check the amount of characters she can play!


Features, commercials on the radio, TV spots… Pilar’s voice will give a touch of elegance to your business that won’t let your brand go unnoticed.

IVR, TTS & Voicemails

Voicemail messages, call waiting, customer service… Creating interactive voice responses for your business reduces costs and time. Everything to expedite your work. It’s ideal for those businesses who have a large amount of calls.

You can connect with me through the Source Connect by listening to a recording in real-time.

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