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¿Are you looking for a Spanish VoiceOver that fits well with your project? I would offer you quality, versatility and efficiency from my homeStudio with a pleasant and agreeable client relationship service. Please, listen to my demos!

Why would you choose my voice for your project?

I believe your project must be treated professionally. The Pandemic has changed our world and has increasing the demand of VoiceOver jobs all over the world, specially the voice artist who can provide a professional delivery from their houses but, bringing a text to life is always a challenge and not everyone knows how to do it, even though  reading a script loud could seem very easy. 

In my current position as a freelance Spanish VoiceOver, I provide services to independent clients, producers, agencies from my soundproof HomeStudio and I’d be excited by the prospect of being able to contribute with my professional experience to your Company. I always try to understand client’s position giving the best of myself on each project. Furthermore, I carry out the work professionally, efficient and smoothly from my home studio. So, why not ?

Let us work out a good communication project together!

  1. Type of Voice


    People always said about my voice that has an authentic tone that gives brightness, peace and confidence to one another. It’s a clear, modulated, warmth and engaging voice with a good diction and a quick read. On the other hand, I have a strong reading comprehension and follow direction well.

  2. 14 Years of experience

    I've started my career face to face approach in Madrid 20 years ago, working for different television stations, agencies, media producers and radio stations ( RTVE , Cadena Cope Radio, Tele 5 Corte Inglés, etc). 

    After 10 years working in Madrid, I moved to Mallorca where later on I became more involved online, training my voice with Gravy for the Brain (from 2018 Feb to ongoing) that provided me guidance about how to maximise my own home studio as well as many other Voice Over resourse

    I've got experience as Narrator & documentarie's dubbing actress, Corporate voice, Medical and Education trainings, Cartoons, Videogames and Advertisement for TV and Radio.


  3. Voice Training

    1973-1978 5 years of music theory and choir classes. 3 years of piano training.
    1998-2000 Escuela de Locución e Interpretación artística: Carlos Infante. (Voice acting school)
    2000-2002 Escuela D.L. Multimedia. Teacher: Javier Gamir
    2001-2003 Escuela de Doblaje e interpretación Rafael Alberti with Salvador Arias. (Dubbing and acting school)
    2018 to ongoing : Gravy for the Brain school, online voice-over courses

  4. Online voice actress

    Bringing a text to life is always a challenge and not everyone knows how to do it, even though reading a script loud could seem very easy. On the one hand, there are extremely difficult short texts in advertising and on the other hand long texts, which need a good bellowing and better diction In order to reach the audience, it is vital that what has been said is always understood by the listeners. The commission has to be commensurate with the price.

    This is where experience comes into place. To me to get involved with the project at a deep level as I believe this is the reason behind a successful master piece.

    Please, listen to my demos and feel free to ask me!

    It will be a pleasure to help you!

  5. Online Clients

    Since I started offering my services online, I have already worked on the fields of e-learnings, corporate, animated videos and more recently storytellers, voicing educational content for children as a friendly narrator using children voices both girls and boys.

    Here are some of the brands that have trusted in my voice: Siemens, CSL Behring, Johnson & Johnson, Sonova, Progrentis, Airbus , Hologic sync, Natixis, Biomundo, Waldorf schools, UIB, Suevia Films, Hospital Mount Sinai, Hospitals UCI,

  6. HomeStudio

    My Home Studio has the following features: 

    Studiobricks One Plus
    Mac Big Sur M1
    Steinberg Ur 22-MK II interface
    Aston Origin Microphone
    Adobe Audition 2021

    I always deliver the files without noise or breathings in any required format (wav, aiff, mp3...) in a standard 24/48-hour turnaround. I also offer a postproduction as well as a translation service for an additional expense.

    Clients can also monitor the recording session via Skype, BodalgoCall and Source Connect Now


I’m enthusiastic to perform your words and I am always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that quality, on time work is delivered. Listen to my Demos!


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Quality, versatility and efficiency with a pleasant and client relationship service. 
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