¿Are you looking for a Spanish VoiceOver that fits well with your project? I can offer you quality, versatility and efficiency with a pleasant and agreeable client relationship service from my home Studio . Please, listen to my demos!

Why should you choose my voice for your project?

I’m a Spanish freelance VoiceOver who has more than 20 years of experience.

On the one hand ,I’m an empathetic person that I make myself part of the story. When a project is started, people appreciate that I get involved with. The main quality of my voice would be that has a clear, trust worthy, modulated and singsong tone. I’ve a good communication skills and strong reading comprehension that allows people to understand any kind of text easier,  and that makes me happy. 

My voice fits well with e-learnings, medical narrations and educational purposes.  I love working for audioguides such as museums, documentaries and corporate videos. On the other hand, I can also easily juggle multiple characters. I love working for children projects too!  Both to give life to characters and connecting with people I’m able to get into the role easily. 

Please, listen to my demos and if you find my voice suitable for your project,  don’t hesitate  to contact me . I will be very happy to provide you with further information.

  1. Type of Voice


  2. 17 Years of experience

    I started my career face to face approach in Madrid 20 years ago, getting experience as a narrator and dubbing actress during 10 years, working in the fields of documentaries, radio advertisement and video games with Spanish RTVE, Cadena Cope, Corte Inglés, Tele 5 etc.

    After that, I moved to Mallorca where later on became more involved online, training my voice with Gravy for the Brain (from 2018 Feb to 22) that provided me guidance about how to maximise my own home studio as well as many other Voice Over resources .


  3. Voice Training

    1973-1978 5 years of music theory and choir classes. 3 years of piano training.

    1999-2000 Voice acting school by Carlos Infante.

    2000-2002  D.L Multimedia dubbing  School by Javier Gamir

    2001-2003 Rafael Alberti Dubbing acting school by Salvador Arias.

    2018-19/ 21-22 Gravy for the Brain Online Voiceover school based in London

  4. Online voice actress

    I am constantly striving to provide the ideal experience for my customers. My goal is always working for the client satisfaction and deliver a professional and great performance quickly and smoothly from my home Studio. I always deliver edited files in any required format in a 24/48-standard hour turnaround.

    Clients can also monitor the recording session via Skype, Google Meet, BodalgoCall , Source Connect Now or others

    Since 2018, I have already worked on the fields of E-learnings, corporates, animated videos, spots and story-tells , so I'd be happy by the prospect of being able to contribute with my professional experience to your project!

    Please, listen to my demos and if you find my voice suitable for your project,  don't hesitate to contact me I will be very happy to provide you with further information.

  5. Online Clients

    I've already worked with clients like Sabadell, Siemens, Efpa ( European financial advisor ) , Goldwell, L'Oreal, CSL Behring, Janssen, Everywear, OxfordSonova, ProgrentisMount Sinai Hospital, Airbus , Carob, Natixis, Biomundo, Waldorf schools, UIB, Suevia Films,  ..

    Please, listen to my demos and feel free to ask anything you may need. It will be a pleasure to help you!

  6. Home Studio

    Studiobricks One Plus
    Mac mini chip M1 Monterey
    Universal Audio Apollo Twin X-2 interface
    Aston Origin Microphone
    Adobe Audition 2023
    Izotope RX-10

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