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¿Are you looking for a voice that feels familiar, more pleasing and communicative?. I offer quality, versatility and efficiency combined with a pleasant and easy treatment.

Why choosing my voice for your project?

Having an exceptional communicative skill is one of Pilar’s greatest abilities. Conveying emotions, sharing happiness and feelings… Pilar brings naturality and originality to any kind of text adding confidence and a feeling of calmness to your brand. Her strong point: being herself. Her areas of expertise are wide. They include voice-over for documentaries, e-learning courses, medical and corporative narrations, airline companies, IVR (business’ voicemail), bedtime stories… She has one of the best soundproof booths and Mac’s technology to offer you a perfect result. Her artistic skill offers a whole range of interpretative resources. Listen to her demos! 

  1. Tone of voice

    Professional, communicative, elegant, warm and natural.

  2. 14 Years of experience

    From 1998 to date Pilar has used her voice in countless professional projects all around Spain. She has worked in person for different television stations, agencies, media producers and radio stations in Madrid adding her self-confidence and experience in many aspects, such as narrator of documentaries, e-learning courses, multimedia apps, expositions as well as for advertising, lip-synched videos, voicemails... In addition, she has worked as a voice actress in dubbing projects with cartoons, fairy tales and videogames...

  3. Voice Training

    1973-1978 5 years of music theory and choir classes. 3 years of piano training.
    1998-2000 Escuela de Locución e Interpretación artística: Carlos Infante. (Voice acting school)
    2000-2002 Escuela D.L. Multimedia. Teacher: Javier Gamir
    2001-2003 Escuela de Doblaje e interpretación Rafael Alberti with Salvador Arias. (Dubbing and acting school)
    2008 Gravy for the Brain school, online voice-over course
    Sound engineering practical classes with Gaby Fariñas, music, producer and sound engineer - Estudio AK2, Inca

  4. Online voice actress

    As a result of the technology advances, now I can offer a high-quality recording from my own Home Studio. I have a soundproof booth (Studiobricks One Plus) and the highest quality Mac. I work with Cubase software and the Steinberg Ur 22-MK II interface combined with a handmade Aston mic that gives detail and warmth to all my recordings. I always deliver my recordings without noise or breathings in any required format (wav, aiff, mp3...) in a standard 24/48-hour turnaround. I also offer a postproduction service as well as a translation service for an additional expense. Check my rates and do not hesitate to ask me anything!
    It will be a pleasure to talk to you.

  5. Online Clients

    Since I started offering my services online, I have worked in different kinds of projects: e-learning courses, medical applications, corporate videos, voicemails... Here are some examples of my clients: Biomundo, Waldorf schools, medical applications for Janssen, Sonova, Progrentis.

Listen to my Demos!


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