Are you looking for a passionate and creative Spanish VoiceOver that capture the attention of your audience ? I'm a Spanish freelance VoiceOver actress who is happy to help you

About me

I started my career face to face approach in Madrid 20 years ago, getting experience as a narrator and dubbing actress working with Spanish RTVE, Radio Cadena Cope, Corte Inglés voiceovers, Tele 5 and agencies and production studios during 10 years in the fields of documentaries, radio advertisement and video games.

Since 2018, I became more have already worked on the fields of E-learnings, corporates and animated videos with renowed names like Siemens, L’Oreal, CSL-Behring, where I’ve learnt that a professional, well/directed human voice is essential for the success of any e-learning content, especially in the medical field, so I’d be happy by the prospect of being able to contribute with my professional experience to your project.

Whether you need a soft and relaxing voice for an institutional video, a dynamic and engaging voice for an advertisement or an inspiring and motivational voice for a tutorial, my voice can cover all your needs.



  1. Why should you choose my voice for your project

    Bringing a text  to life is my speciality

    Thanks to more than 17 years' experience, I am focused on your demanding to be able to produce a satisfactory job .

    My strongest abilities are voicing corporate/industrial, e-learnings and medical trainings where a professional well directed VoiceOver can make the difference. I love also working for museums, expositions, airlines.. My goal? To provide a voice over that not only informs but also reassures and accompanies bringing warmth and empathy.
    To me to get involved with the project at a deep level as I believe this is the reason behind a successful master piece.

    Whether it is a inspirational voice for a tutorial for your employees, a corporate video for your Company, an engaging voice for an advertisment, I act as a member of your team and 100% committed to the success of your project.

    My expertise spans from corporate films to female voice for acted roles, from e-learning to motion design.


  2. 17 Years of experience
  3. Versatile voice: powerfull ,engaging and corporate vo

    My voice  has a clear, warmth and trustworthy tone, that makes a difference and gives confidence to your listeners.
    My goal is not just to provide a voice that informs but also reassures and accompanies bringing warmth and empathy . That fits perfect with corporate and e-learning projects and medical narrations where a professional voiceover well directed can make the difference.

    Human voice has an increíble resource with voice. Voice connect directly with emotions, even with your soul, specially when the message contains powerful meanings within poetry such as in the fields of e-learning where a strong reading comprenhension skills will help students to catch the meaning easier and definitely they learn quick and better.

    In these times in which the emergence of AI is presented as a threat to the voiceover industry, more than ever I claim the truth that a professional, well-directed human voice is essential for the success of any content, because requires empathy and credibility.

    It’s not just about providing a simple voice, it’s about capturing your message, find the right entonation of a text assuring of a well conveyed- message . This only can be done by a precise, awarness, human being and never ever can be replaced by the machines.

    1973-1978 5 years of music theory and choir classes. 3 years of piano training.
    1999-00 Voice acting school by Carlos Infante.
    2000-02  D.L Multimedia dubbing  School by Javier Gamir
    2001-03 Rafael Alberti Dubbing acting school by Salvador Arias.
    2018-19/ 21-22 Gravy for the Brain Online Voiceover school based in London

  4. Online voice actress

    One of the biggest challenges as a Voiceover is ensuring consistency between your content and your audio branding.

    Throughout all these years I have taken many courses with renowned professionals in the sector in order to understand this exciting profession and be ready to deliver a professional work quickly and smoothly from my home studio.

    As a Spanish VoiceOver, I am constantly striving to provide the ideal experience for my customers. My experience allows me to put myself into client's choes, transformimg their words into a brigth narrative that assurance of a well-conveyed message. My goal is working for their satisfaction and deliver a professional and great performance from my home Studio. Whether you need a raw file, a synchronized voiceover with your video or a lip sync, I have all your expectations covered. I deliver edited files in any required format in less than 24-standard hour turnaround.

    DUBBING Having learned how to play with my voice jumping into different characters is always an enriching experience.

    The most important tool to me is being credible. Whether it's to voice an healthcare professional, nurse, doctor, children or teenagers as well a loving mother or a senior woman that reflects wisdom and experience, I am able to get into the role easily, giving also life to characters in cartoons and video games.

    Please click here to hear some examples of characters.

  5. The advantages of a Home Studio

    Access to jobs that are not normally available geographically

    Having my own recording studio allows me to work with more flexiblility than ever and answer quickly to any request.


    My home studio is not a simple home studio. It has been built to ensure excellent acoustic isolation and deliver excellent sound in order to give your production the attention it deserves.

    The booth itself is a triple-walled Studiobricks vocal booth, equipped with an Aston Origin microphone, a high-performance cardioid condenser microphone that uses a one-inch gold evaporated capsule that produces an exceptionally warm sound, comparable to the famous U87. The studio is powered by the quality of the Universal Audio Apollo Twin, a Mac mini M1 computer and an iPad Pro to facilitate script reading.

    Recording is usually done in Adobe Audition, where later on is used in editing, but Logic Pro is also available on request.

  6. Remote recording sessions

    Being recorded remotely. What does it means?

    Virtually the entire voiceover industry became virtual in 2020 thanks to Covid 19, where voiceover was turned upside down. This marked a milestone in this sector, which continues innovating faster than ever and where distances are not an inconvenience anymore

    The quality of my home studio includes the possibility of being easily connected to other studios in real time, so I offer you to participate in remote recording sessions, to ensure that your expectations are met.

    Whether you want to just listen to the recording in non-broadcast quality, called phone patch, or or broadcast quality where my voice will be recorded in real time from your studio,  I deliver edited files in any required format in less than 24 standard hours.

    Remote sessions are easily accomodated via Source Connect, SessionLinkPro, Cleanfeed or BodalgoCall

    If your project has specific requirements, please let me know. I collaborate with a professional technician who will provide you with broadcast-quality recordings ready for broadcast.

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